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Gone are the days when you needed car keys. In the modern age, people use keyless remotes. Not only do they look cool, they are quite efficient at what they do. But then again, old is gold. So I guess, there are some advantages to sticking with keys instead of remotes. However both have their pros and cons adjusting to economic and safety issues.

Sticking with Car keys:

  • Car keys are something we are accustomed to. Being a habit, we all carry some sort of keys. Without them, we feel that something is missing. A traditional, mechanical key makes us feel more mentally secure as it is less likely to fail than any other electronic system.
  • As compared to remote fobs, it is very easy to carry a car key. Being small and light weight, we can put them in our wallets, pockets or any other place safe enough. Also, if we need to hide a copy, it’s quite easy to do so. Conveniently enough, it can be hidden in a purse or anywhere inside or outside your house. Its real use is experienced when one is locked out of the car.
  • Typically, you get a whole lot of car keys when you buy a vehicle. That is because they are rather cheap. If you simply want to make another copy, you can get it done in a humble amount of money. This comes in handy, when you need a backup key in case you misplace or lose your car key. Additionally, you can always get one made for someone else. As car keys are less expensive and easier to duplicate.